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Business Automation and Smart workforce Mobility Solution

Automate operation flow and field workforce with mobility solution on the go

Skynet are constrained by their legacy systems and technologies leading to an erosion of market share vs competition and loosing customer satisfaction. To eradicate lot of manual efforts in transaction processing and reporting resulting in delayed decision making.



Assigned Tasks of Day and info

Solution enables organization to assign task for the persons for pickup and delivery process

List of pickups & deliveries

Can view list of tasks and its activities along with monitoring and tracking of tasks

Day’s Report

Report on daily activities which enables the executives to get the task status and its details

Status Update

Update the status of task and send notification

Location & Routing

Set route for the task and location map along with route optimization functionalities

Proof of Delivery

As acknowledge to operation, they shall get proof for the pickup or delivery tasks


Vision Intelligence

Enterprise Solution for SkyNet enables Journey plans for Day that includes Deliveries and Pickups, dynamic routing for best optimized routes for pickup/delivery location, receive new adhoc pickup notifications as issued by call center, ability to capture pickup/delivered items image(s) and digital signature via app and device and integration with current iSkynet App for Delivery Run Sheets

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