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Build real-world application with JavaScipt on Microservices architecture

Microservices enable to development of the application with small modules that can work together but are developed separately. Also, Node.js emerged as a strong technology preference for developing microservices as it increases productivity and application performance.

Each service is self-contained and should implement a single business capability. These services were developed with a separate codebase and aligned around business domains that communicate over lightweight APIs. The microservices can be deployed and upgraded independently as they are not dependent on single data storage.

Our Tool-driven Approach

We provide services for building an application using Microservice patterns with robust JavaScript technologies and frameworks like Node JS, Express JS and Angular JS.


Service Discovery

Consul – maintains a list of services and which nodes they are located on. Enables service lookup to find endpoint for a service. In Node, consul is a library is handling service discovery to identify and enables endpoint service.

API Gateway

API gateway – the entry point for clients. The clients don’t call services directly and instead, they call API gateway (it’s a kind of proxy) which forwards call to appropriate services on backend. The API gateway might aggregate responses from several services and return aggregated response.


Service Monitoring is log errors and manage alerts if any of services is down. Also, provides data to analyze logs and errors happening in  production environment.

Configuration Server

Configuration server is centralized part to manage all configuration related to connection strings and other key value pairs

Our Offerings

As business gets transformed digitally, there are many chances for the incorporation of changes or replacement in application features which can be done in the ease with microservice architecture. Each microservice runs its own process and communicates with a lightweight mechanism via HTTP resource API. For JavaScript-based microservice architecture provides the following offerings


Authentication Service

Involve user authentication and storing user information data along with generating a token for API Authorization to get secure for all services.

Catalog Service

Responsible for listing product details and price of the product.

Rating Reviews Service

Handling Ratings and Reviews given by user along with publish and content moderation

Ordering Service

Get order from the user and to manage the order along with order history i.e, data on present and past orders

Notification Service

Notifying changes happened in the application to the user such as new post, alerts on feeds and updates
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