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Application development is not about coding but it’s all about creating

Cloud enablement is not a pure lift and shift strategy but it provides agile and flexible models to run your operations and also modernize your technology ecosystem by choosing the right tools and frameworks. Many assume that the cloud shift is purely for large enterprises and technically advanced entities and it is a pure myth. As part of tech modernization, do you have plans to change your organization’s behavior to agility, faster response to market needs, enhance customer experience, and stable operations?

OptiSol helps companies cloud-enable their application as part of their digital transformation journey to optimize process efficiency and productivity. Our Cloud certified experts can execute excellent due diligence for customized cloud strategy with risk mitigation with consideration for all possible deployment models, with minimal downtime and low cost.

Our team has built cloud-native applications leveraging services to refactor and use appropriate DevOps tools and frameworks to automate your operations.

Our Partners

Transition with agility in application development with Cloud as a Catalyst. We offer Cloud Enablement services with expertise in the right set of tools and frameworks

Our Services


Go Cloud

Our team of cloud experts can assist in your GoCloud strategy where we can either develop new applications on cloud platforms or migrate your existing applications to cloud platform.

SaaS applications Expertise

We have skilled cloud experts with expertise in building large scale SaaS applications with due attention to data privacy and security aspects. Our SaaS solution strategy incorporates DB modeling, scalability, security, infrastructure topography etc.

Our Partnership

We are partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure for cloud offerings. Our experts can assist in your cloud strategy as we provide Hosting and infrastructure support and can assist in pricing and planning.

Cloud based Live Streaming

We have expertise in building media streaming applications using Amazon Web Serves (AWS) and Wowza cloud. We have published many articles and tutorial session around this topic.

Mobility Enablement

Extends intranets to mobile devices, addresses mobile security challenges and helps you develop a mobility strategy for wireless devices.

Ramp up as you grow

Addresses rapidly growing traffic, usage spikes, traffic bursts and application availability

Our Offerings

Our certified cloud enablers and DevOps consultants can assist in the transition via Cloud migration and enablement, native application development, release orchestration, deployment automation, test automation, effective code configuration management and traceability of application delivery

AWS Cloud Services

AWS offers a suite of services to build web applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. As part of tech modernization, we offer a suite of services all the way from development, leveraging cloud services and infrastructure, Cloud DB, AI & ML services, and DevOps tools. We have certified cloud consultants, DevOps engineers, and technical architects to consult and assist in your cloud journey.


Cloud Compute

Virtual servers on cloud with compute capacity to meet demand

Security & Identity Management

Manage user access, privileges with Key management and PCI compliance

App & Database

Native app development with cloud-based simple storage service and high availability

Media Services

Media transcoding, streaming and video content management services


Build, deploy and manage API to leverage development and testing services

Content Delivery

Global content delivery network to manage using micro services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Azure enables accelerated web app development and API services. The cloud platform is technology agnostic and autoscale to meet infrastructure needs in a cost-effective manner. Our certified Microsoft engineers, Azure architects, DevOps consultants can assist you all the way from development to operations management via automated tools. Your business can leverage a competitive edge by focusing on applications and not on infrastructure!


Azure WebApps

Quickly build, deploy and scale enterprise-grade web, mobile and API apps running

Azure Notifications

Azure Notification is a massively scalable mobile push notification engine for Hubs

Azure Virtual Machines

Gives the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions – development and testing

Azure Blob Storage

With exabytes of capacity and massive scalability, Blob storage stores from hundreds

Azure Scheduler

Lets you create jobs in the cloud that invoke services inside and outside

Visual Recognition

Infuse your apps, websites, and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand
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