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Migration and Transformation Solution

Capture pilferage from legacy system and extensive interface development for better data control

Solution for secure and feasible migration from the legacy or existing system to promote the business operation-based industry standards and customer needs.



Procurement and Sourcing

Enables to monitor and manage the procurement and sourcing operation with the easy stages

Production Control

Organization can control track the productions and manage them with the predicted data

Financial Management

Can optimize and secure invoices and payment process along with tracking and monitoring the cash flow

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Track and monitor the products and raw materials along with the stack-in and stock-out information

Smart Workforce Management

Manage users across the system along with assigning operations and automating workflow.

Sales and Purchase Management

Handling the business process by monitoring the sales and purchase operations.


Vision Intelligence

Migration solution for Union Coop for customizable SOA and similar kind of reports with specific format, POS transaction reports, load balance & performance tuning, generate customized reports and financial reporting along with ability to track each claim transaction.

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