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Testing Solution

Elevate the digital experience of your customers using the power of crowdsourced testing

Crowdsourced testing is an innovative way to obtain testing services from a large community of testers and users across the globe, collaborating online using a cloud platform like Crowdsprint under the close management and guidance of our professional test management team.



Customer Modules

Comprises of Project Dashboard, Project Manager and Task Manager

Tester Modules

Comprises of profile manager, My project dashboard, My task, Task Payments and Hangout

User Experience Insights

Discover what drives your customer decisions and what makes them come back for more. Harness, retain and enhance excitement by eagerly promoting product through word of mouth for free.

Digital Testing Services

Maximize test and device coverage of website, mobile and cloud apps through validating and testing products by crowd.


Vision Intelligence

Crowdsprint is the crowdsourced testing platform for various software products. This platform has merged both together and the result is an intuitive platform that harnesses the power of crowd to test your web, mobile and cloud apps under real world conditions.

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