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Communicate anywhere, anytime

IoT, Machine Learning and Bots – Channel of Digital Strategy for Organizations

We make the apps personal, not personalized. At the dawn of digital age, let customers have personalized conversations with brands on their smartphones, positioning the brand as a personal asset. Convert customers into participants. Chat apps can be used for brand awareness by allowing marketers to share brand information and experience via conversational engagement.



Real-time communication

Users can communicate to get support assistance or clarifications or general info via text, voice and video chats

Ease sharing

Users can share documents, images, videos or audio within the chat interface

Explore contacts

Can explore on contacts and initiate communication with them


Can export or archive the chat history for future usage or reference

Stickers and Emoticons

Chat interface support usage of stickers, smileys and emoticons

Theme manager

User can change the theme of the user interface via settings from predefined templates

Core settings

Chat application allows user to view other user online status, typing info, delete chat, copy or forward chat, etc.


Vision Intelligence

Chat component was developed by OptiSol on the pursuit to satisfy conversational needs for businesses as well as common user. ​OptiSol proposes to use its proprietary chat engine is built on WebRTC standard on NodeJS technology stack. The chat engine will be deployed as a service along with web application and there will not be any recurring cost.

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