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Microservices – mirroring the structure of the Cloud

The microservices assist in building an application from the collection of small independent services rather than the whole dependent application. With microservice architecture, we can build complex applications through simpler and independent programs executable by themselves. The Cloud-native development demands new sets of methodologies and toolsets. Teams must be small and agile with a hyper-focus on delivering specific business value as microservices. The toolsets should manage the complexity of microservices in terms of Auto-Provisioning, Auto-Scaling, Auto-redundancy, and Orchestrating the services.

Our Cloud Native Development process uses an open-source software stack to deploy applications as Microservices, packaging each part into its own container, and dynamically orchestrating those containers to optimise resource utilisation. We follow Agile development with focused teams for specific business services delivering Microservices complying with discoverability, fault-tolerance, Quality of Service, Security, Request traceability, and Failure Triage.

The Cloud-native toolsets we use include Spring Boot Framework, AWS Services, Netflix Open Source components, Message Queue, and Docker Containers. Spring Boot enables building production-ready applications quickly and provides non-functional features along with embedded servers that are easy to deploy with containers. This process helps in monitoring multiples components and configuring components externally.

Our Tool-driven Approach

We provide services for building applications using Microservice patterns with robust Java technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Netflix components.


API Gateway

A single entry point to handle requests and routing to appropriate backend service(s) for aggregating results. Also, it can be used for authentication, insights, stress and canary testing, service migration, static response handling, active traffic management.

Circuit Breaker

Hystrix – a Circuit Breaker pattern to control over latency and failure from dependencies accessed over a network. Also, reduce cascading failures in a distributed environment with a large number of microservices along with fault-tolerant and self-heal aspects.

Service Discovery

Registry – the client-side service discovery pattern where the client is responsible for determining locations of available service instances and load balancing requests. Spring Boot assists in building registry with a spring-cloud dependency, annotation, and configuration properties.

HTTP Client

Feign – a declarative HTTP client that seamlessly integrates with Ribbon and Hystrix. With one spring-cloud-starter-feign dependency and annotation, we can build a full suite of the load balancer, circuit breaker, and HTTP client with the sensible ready-to-go default configuration

Load Balancer

Ribbon – a client-side load balancer provides control over the behavior of HTTP/TCP clients. With this, there is no need for additional hop on every over-the-wire invocation and natively integrates with Spring Cloud or Service Discovery.

Our Expertise

Reusable Digital Assets as Enablers for your Microservices Application

We have pre-built Containerised Business Services that can be customised and orchestrated for your business needs. Each of these containerised business services runs its own process and communicates with a lightweight mechanism via HTTP resource API. They can be used as enablers for building your complex applications through process services and creating Experience API for your specific needs.


Auth Server

The Auth server built with Spring Security (OAUTH2) can work with your authentication rules enabling user authorisation as well as machine to machine communication inside a perimeter.

Customer On-boarding Services

Customer Onboarding is a key component in any application be it Enterprise application or Consumer applications. The onboarding process includes User Signup, Verification using OTP/Email, Single Sign-ON, AD Integrations, or Social media signup. The core system services for customer onboarding helps in building orchestrated custom processes for customer onboarding

Subscription and Monetising Services

For Customer facing applications offering subscription services, this set of system services enables creating and managing subscription packages. The various payment options including Market place, Pay-as-you-go and direct payments can be enabled using these services.

Notification Services

Business apps and consumer apps provide value to users through contextual notification. The notification services will enable quick configuration of in-app notification, Push notification, Email, and SMS notification.

Messaging and Chat Services

Modern apps are built with collaboration tools for in-app messaging and chat services which enable the integration of these services inside the application.

Reporting Services

Most calls to microservices are to retrieve information for presentation purposes. The reporting services enable distinguishing such requests as queries for retrieval of information. The reporting services enable query responsibility as separate microservices. We can extend services with integration to standard or custom reporting tools.

User Management Services

The users of the application require controlled access to various functionalities depending on their roles and responsibilities. The administrator of most applications will also need to manage their access levels. These services enable role and access level configurations.
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