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Bearing agony of untold story?

Convey your Digital vision through User Experience built on Design Thinking

Why Design thinking?

Design thinking is cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts for new applications are developed

We approach with a mindset and process to empathize with the issues and problems of human-centered/ customer-centered needs and find ideas and solutions through visualization and prototypes to fulfill their needs. The fell of empathy has been the crux of our user experience designing. we combine the human point of view along with technical excellence. Our iterative models are customer-centric and we use the right set of digital tools for the design thinking process. Our team of UX engineers and Business Analysts are trained on design thinking philosophy and inculcate that as part of the culture.

Design Thinking Approach

Tools We Use


Experience Design


After Effects


Prototype to Build

We have expertise in building working prototypes that would help organizations in realizing application experience before actual development. We have created many success stories as a technology partner. We enforce Design thinking to collaborate and prototype before building. P2B ensures that you have a near real-time click-through application that you can share with your interest group and stakeholders and gather feedback for further iterations. The P2B output can be accessed either via browser or through mobile applications that mimic your end product experience. We deploy a UX engineer and Business analyst for the P2B initiatives.

Business Analyst

  • Requirement analysis sessions
  • Evaluate similar and competing applications
  • Create use cases and user stories
  • Get sign off on the documents


  • Share requirements and scope
  • Provide iterative feedback
  • Collaborate in designing UI
  • Validate Prototype

UX Engineers

  • Establish Templates
  • Baseline Color patterns
  • Sketch customer journey and experience
  • Design elements and Click through prototype


  • Collaborate for user stories
  • Real-time communication
  • Experience designing
  • Prototype Building

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